Experienced Newspaper Operators

This is a team of veteran and seasoned Newspaper Executives that believe in what we are doing. Our top 6 Executives have over 181 years in the business, and an average of 30 years each

Who We Are

MNG Enterprises runs one of the largest newspaper businesses in the U.S. by circulation with approximately 200 publications including The Denver Post, The San Jose Mercury News, The Orange County Register and The Boston Herald. 

Our goal is simple: to run profitable newspapers so they will be around to serve their local communities well into the future.

Our Strategy

MNG employs a continued focus on consolidation of operations (real estate, printing, shared services, IT, finance and administration), zero based budgeting and rationalization of labor costs. A consolidation strategy works when the consolidator is a best in class operator and brings the most value to its targets. With one of the best in class margins and a strong unlevered balance sheet, we are one of the leading industry consolidators who are able to make acquisitions of newspapers on our platform successful today and well into the future.

We also recognize the importance of our valued employees to our success, and compensate our newspaper operators well and incentivize them to thoughtfully maintain and grow EBITDA the best way they know how, even in this challenging environment of secular decline.

We Save Newspapers

When other people won’t step up, we do. We save newspapers and position them for a strong and profitable future so they can weather the secular decline.